Texas holdem is the game which stands above other online casino games in all over the world. There are many other variations of poker game like Omaha, Texas Holdem, Seven card studs and so on. So there are lots of varieties where the player can enjoy a lot.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Pokered for the first time

Poker is a great game to play once you know it well enough. I came across poker about 3 months back without any knowledge prior to playing it; not knowing the mechanics and what separates the pro from the new guy.

Poker itself is a game that has great depth. Beyond the common check, bet, call, raise there are a whole lot of topics to be covered. The industry itself is huge and poised to get bigger and bigger. If you are not in it , you won't see the picture. It is predominantly a sport in America, Europe and Asia is catching up. The main attraction to it is Money. The money from it is "Crazy".

However the game is a confusing sport as governments in most countries have regulations, laws or even inhibit it. Since poker is a game under the genre of gambling.

Three months after, i am enjoying it. I'm still new, but I'm learning, and I'm hungry for my Share.