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Saturday, 21 July 2007

Why playing freerolls is good for you

Almost all online poker sites have freerolls. If you are new to poker, this is the best way to learn. Freeroll is one of the MTT tournaments type offered where the buy-in is free ($0 + $0). Anybody that plays freerolls will pick up his game to another ante. And this is just a side reward. Others include;

  • Patience

As freeroll is a tournament game, it means that outlasting other players is one of the key points to remember. The game might stretch from 2-3 hours to 5-6 hours depending on the blind structure you are playing.

  • Skills

Undoubtedly, playing for the pot and winning it is what everyone wants. A simple call, bet, and raise will not win it. Sometimes, you need to fold. With experience and a simple statistic, you will know when to call, bet, raise, fold and the weight of your bet.

  • Discipline

This is important as not to fall into tilt. Because, once you get suck out from tilt, the damage is too severe you might not be able to come back into the game.

  • Real money

This is the best part into the tournaments. You get paid for the effort you put in. Sometimes, you win it and sometimes you don't, that's why the first 3 points above are important and need to be refine. Also, by being in the money, this money you get can be use to buy-in in other tournaments where the price structures are better. One of the favorite pro poker players, Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson gave an advice on how to start getting $10,000 from $0 in his column at FullTiltPoker.

  • Leverage

As a new player without much poker experience, playing freeroll is key. Freeroll is a tool that can be use as a leverage against other better players. Freeroll is a tournament format, which means you will be playing a few hundred hands each time you enter a freeroll tournament. Each day that you played freerolls will accumulate to a few thousand hands a week.

These are how much i have got from freerolls so far. I am not complaining. Although you do get beaten from time to time, and if that happens, take a break and come back with a vengence.

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