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Friday, 24 August 2007

10 Things I Did To.....

This blog is now two months old in its infant stage. I am happy to say this as i have been trying to improve it after the first month. I have been checking on it after my post on blogging niche and poker niche, to ask what area can make it better. Blogging is a new thing for me. So, the meaning of blogging need to be defined more as there are so many lines crossed in between making money and advertising. I am going to leave this blog just as it is, which is a jotting pad, a blog of posting anything poker and a place to share some interaction with everyone on simple things.

As along with many other bloggers that produce a blog, it usually centers around one main theme or niche. Although the majority of it would be about food, travel, making money, blogging and daily rantings ( especialy true in Malaysia), this one is only poker baby! Happy to say there are many authorities that either write good stuff or are professional players such as Azim Kassam.

So after two months how have i marketed it ?

1) I submited to many directories such as Blogflux, Onlinejer Free Article and Link Directory, Malaysia Blog Directory, The Free Poker Directory – List your poker site for free,Poker Blogs - Blog Catalog Blog DirectoryBlogarama - The Blog DirectoryInternet Blogs - Blog Top SitesCreate BlogPersonal Blogs
Personal blogs
Top Blogs
2) I joined local area forum such as Malaysia Blogger Forum and PokerMalaysia Forum
3) I revamped my blog from the standard template to add a personal touch.
4) Asked for help from a friend in drawing picture at Life's Little Procrastination
5) Get blogger tips and tricks from Peter Chen.
6) Added a site search box from google at the top right hand sidebar.
7) Added a sitemap to google.
8) Do commenting on other blogs with same interests.
9) Added bookmark and feed feature to my blog.
10) Entered one social network site at BlogLight.ning.com

After this.....?

This blog is receiving visitors from different places thanks to directories. However, i am happy the 'search box, bookmark and feed' features were added and able to give it more function. Another part of the work will be to continue to draw visitors.

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