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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Knowing my own hands

Un deux trois quarte cinq! In poker, each player gets 2 hands from the dealer and can choose another 3 remaining poker hands from the flop, turn and river. In total, every player will have five poker hands to compete to the showdown. These five hands in turn can have multiple combinations that leads to the winning hand.

There are a lot of guides and tutorials around online which will tell you which combinations can beat which. Ultimately the royal flush is the one to have. Knowing the ranks of these combinations can let you decide easily whether if you have the advantage and am leading against your competitors. As more and more cards are unfold, the landscape will keep on changing and changing. Besides knowing your own combination, it is also important to know the type of combination that is higher than you and will beat you later. So if you know your hands, it will help on the points of;

1) Thinking
Allow your thought process to be more effective..... It reduces the time spent on considering multiple factors and limit to the ones important.

2) Advantage
A flush can beat your straight..... Knowing this can increase your sense of things to come and what your opponents can or cannot do.

3) Fold, call, and bet
No need to take risks..... Eventually it lead to the final decision making and it could either help keeping your chip stack healthy or otherwise.

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