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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Poker and marathon live

Running in a marathon is not something many people would like to do. However, to me it is a great sport. Come early Sunday morning i was at Petaling Jaya stadium together with the rest of PJ community members and some marathoners from other states. The experienced runners were always ahead of the pack. The young and old were running equally fast as well. Each of us was trying to outpace each other even by a few millimetres. The competition was fierce. These sentiments had strike me before i set myself to register for it. But i wasn't running the usual way i did for marathons.

source: the star

After 1 hour and 10 mins, i finished the 10k race. I was equally happy that it was over and my heart was still beating and pounding healthily. I was happy i could finish around 60mins. I was happy i sweat it all. I was glad i didn't overexert myself and worry who was passing me, who was in front of me and who was behind me. I paced myself and not be disturbed on how runners might have viewed me how behind i was. After all, i finished at the time i wanted.

Inadvertently, you see this in poker tournaments as well. I was at the final table of PokerMalaysia tournament live on Saturday. Everybody was playing their game. In the end, the prize went to him who played his game well. It was sad i couldn't join it. Anyway, poker in Malaysia is serious shit now. The winner walked away with this chip set;
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