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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

PokerMalaysia 2007 updates

With reference to my other post "The PokerMalaysia Championships", the final details on the PokerMalaysia championship from pokermalaysia forum have been finalised and out.

"Time & date: Month of August 2007, 11th, Saturday 2.00pm
Venue: To be told on the 10th at 930pm Decanter Sri Hartamas (compulsory meeting before the game)

Participants are required to attend a meeting in Decanter, Desa Sri Hartamas on the 10th of August to register and post the buy-in. This meeting also serves as a screening for security purposes."

My name was added into the tournament participant list. I am not sure how i am going to play the tournament. I am excited as well as anxious coming into this first live game. It is exciting to see live games happening here in Malaysia.

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