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Saturday, 25 August 2007

When You Are Beat..... (Part 1)

What would you do if you are beat ? Poker is a hard game to play. Especially so if you are playing for a living. Therefore, i have my respect for professionals that make it. Poker pro Evelyn Ng calls it a game of "incomplete information". Imagine having your monthly bills, car loan, house loan, family debt all on "incomplete" that will be a life fed with high dose of 'Panadols'. To some it is a business investment. Sometimes life needs to be live with the feet on the ground, sometimes.

Poker beats sucks. Yes, it is and it will always be. It force me to do the following in no particular order:
1. Scream
2. Blog it
3. Post in forum
4. Play more poker
5. Watch movies like "Pervert"
6. More alcohol and food

My first home game was filled with three. Only three that stick out that make me sleepless and post about it. Firstly, my pocket kings losing to seven trips. Imagine having raised pre-flop, betting flop and betting turn would not suffice to keep "Mr. Se7en" from going all-in.

It was sick. Despite my spiderman and superman senses were telling me not to follow; i failed to follow and did the opposite and suffered a huge loss equivalent to the crumble of Great Wall of Berlin. As much as i wanted to make it back, another "smart" friend apparently did not "call" my trap. He flashed his pocket cards at the end of the river when i went all-in which i assume was a "call" because i already went all-in ? I couldn't snatch his chips and contented with the small pot which would just make me barely breathing.

My final attempt failed to regain chip count and got beaten when my AK called an 87 all-in. The rest is just hide and seek around the bush.

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