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Sunday, 26 August 2007

When You Are Beat..... (Part 2)

My first off day which was a friday night was spent in a home game together with friends of pokermalaysia forum. Being there for the first time was something worth remembering. You can never think that there will be different kinds of people all come together just for one purpose. You see it on TV, you see and read it on the net, and now you play the game face to face.

It was "7" people altogether sitting on one round table. We have a player who brings a special someone along to play also. We were playing it for a few curry puffs which was claimed to be "golden brown in colour, crispy and tasty most of the time". It was fun with nice ambience and everybody laughed at McD's joke and me claimed to have a poker face.

One thing good about playing live is that you get to meet people and eventually discuss some points. You can hear chips sound. Witness chips tricks.

As a part of the world is looking at the APPT Manila, i took some time to read a few Philippine's poker blogs. I came to this interesting poker blog which put up a post of a card club conceptualized by a group of people among themselves. It got interesting pictures. So this will be closure for beats for now.

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