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Tuesday, 7 August 2007

World Poker Tour on Joost TV

Something that is worth mentioning right now is that i have finished watching the final table of "Five Diamond World Poker Tour" on Joost. I have received an invitation on beta testing Joost a few days ago and am still playing around with the software. This is one great idea where you can watch TV online; MTV, Sci-Fi ..... and Poker! I am so happy to know that poker is available and am able to watch big poker tournament online at the comfortable of my pc. Well if you can imagine that the only great sports channel from Astro here in Malaysia is F1, soccer, tennis and pool, you would know that being able to watch poker tournaments will be something that makes a poker player here complete.

A random screenshot dump from Joost.

This will be, i quote from Joost slogan, "The new way of watching free, full screen, high-quality TV on the internet". I must agree!

Joost is asking people to beta test it now and you can do so here;
Joost™ the best of tv and the internet
or email me to jaklang[at]gmail[dot]com.

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