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Friday, 7 September 2007

Bodog First Win

My attempt to play at the bigger poker sites was a success. This would be my first time to be in the money at Bodog. I registered into its $500 guaranteed freerolls of over 2400 players. I came in 48th and pocketed $2. Bodog is not part of any network but have its own legions of loyal players. Its poker software is easy to navigate and customisable.

I decided to migrate to bigger and respectable poker sites for reasons;
1) Security
To ensure that all winnings are safe.

2) Players
There will always be players playing and can always join in any games or tournaments at anytime. With many players around, the site will have responsibilities to its players.

3) Package
Bigger sites will always have promotions to the latest worldwide tournaments from its freerolls and satellites.

However, choosing these sites would mean to play with thousands of players. All are eager to take a piece of the cake.

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