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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

I Am Not A Professional

..... poker player nor i claimed to be at least above average than others. This blog is not to brag how good i am but rather sharing information because of the interests in poker. It wouldn't be fun at all to write a post or create a blog just to get advertising revenue if there is no interest on the subject.

Leaving me out alone, there are a lot of professional poker players everywhere. And this post is to highlight the amiable poker pro Daniel Negreanu. Being a poker player, there will always be one or two player that you look up to as a role model or trying to compete against. These professional players are being watched and most often, a lot of people will try to imitate their style. Daniel Negreanu is one of the well-like professional players.

If you are a fan of Daniel Negreanu, you will probably know of his poker journal at Full Contact Poker. I previously wrote a short post about the old Full Contact Poker at (Merger of two titans: FullContactPoker and PokerStars). If you are a fan of D.N, you would also have read most of his articles. One particular poker article "Be a sponge" is a good read. It tells on how being observant can help just as much as reading poker books. Watching is a way to absorb knowledge indirectly. It is just as how a kid trying to pick up a new language slowly. This article reminds me how to be a kid again and to continue learning.

There is plenty of role model available with different personalities and characters. Who is your role model ?

(Note: picture take from wikipedia.org)