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Thursday, 6 September 2007

Pocket Kings/KK - Busted

You might not be able to feel the pain when this happens. I was languishing away as my opponent hit his straight with Jack high. I was playing one live SNG last weekend of 11 people. I was around until 3 or 4 people were out. I was then the first to go all-in with KK. The person on my left goes all-in and later another guy, 3 person away goes all-in as well. Everybody else folded. Guess what their cards were;

vs vs

Everything was fine when the flop and turn came. All were low cards of the number below 10. By that time, i was overjoyed but composed. The anti-climax begins when the river dealt was a Jack. And so, my opponent on my left who have Ace Ten takes the big pot. And my fate was sealed. Bad beats can happen online and offline too as you can see.

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