Texas holdem is the game which stands above other online casino games in all over the world. There are many other variations of poker game like Omaha, Texas Holdem, Seven card studs and so on. So there are lots of varieties where the player can enjoy a lot.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Poker Materials For Weekends

Changes have been implemented.

Just a few words to say that i have now added technorati tags in the post which would help add a few exposure to the blog and a new email subscription feature on the sidebar. I have changed the commenting system of blogger and converted it to Haloscan system which i think is great. However all previous comments in the blog have now vanished which is alright as this blog is not receiving a lot of comments at the moment. I value your opinions and what you have to say.

A quick look at my subscribers base shows it has increased with my highest number is 11 subscribers. I am looking forward to some of your feedbacks though.

Poker Reading
There are some books on the shelves of local bookstores in Malaysia (i.e; Borders) that i would want to buy. I remember seeing a very thick book from Johny Chan but is not there anymore. I also see books from Sklansky, Phil Gordon, Matt Matros and Ed Miller there also. The price range is from RM80-120. In the meantime i am just relying from online materials such as blogs, forums and poker sites.

Some of the sites i scout around include;

  • Bodog blog
  • Ed Miller's blog
  • Pokerstars blog
  • Pokernews sites
  • Full Tilt blog
  • Just poker talk

And some other blogging blogs. If you have just started up a poker blog, writing on your games and have something to share about, i would like to link up with you. Leave comments here.

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