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Sunday, 9 September 2007

Weekender's Post For Weekend Readers

This weekend's post will be on 2 things, The Venetian Macao and Poker Fuzzy's 2+2 Anthology.

The Venetian Macao
During my random checking on websites and blogs, i came to the infamous Malaysian blogger kenny at kennysia.com. His blog has such a huge following that it put my puny blog to shame. The reason why this post has something related to his was his recent traveling experience at the newly opened casino at Macau. The name of the casino is 'The Venetian Macao', the casino that will bring Las Vegas to Asia. It was opened not too long ago last month. It is also the same company that will be completing The Marina Bay Sands casino in Singapore in 2009. You can check out some pictures of the casino under construction at wikipedia by entering the keywords 'The Marina Bay Sands'.

Anyway, kenny's inside pictures of 'The Venetian' are so glorifyingly stunning that it stirred up an urge to save some money for a vacation to Macau. His Macau trip was posted on 6th September so it is still new and worth to pay a visit. There is also lucky draw ongoing from the casino itself at the casino main website.

Poker Fuzzy's 2+2 Anthology
Perhaps you haven't check out my blog lately and not having the time to do so. I would want to change your mind on this. At my sidebar i have a link up to an Australian poker player tittled 'Poker vs Fuzzy's Logic'. The reason behind this is that his latest post dated 30th August has a link to his 2+2 anthology which he compiled from the site 2+2. His anthology is very extensive and beneficial to any poker players as it covers almost every aspect.

Everybody knows that 2+2 is a bible if not an encyclopedia for poker players. I am looking forward myself to save some time and follow up on it. So, save or copy it while it is still available.

So, this is all i have for this weekend's post. I hope it is informative to you as it is to me. You can also subscribe to this blog via a google reader by pasting my main url into it. That way, all the posts can be sent to you for your feedings.

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