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Sunday, 28 October 2007

The Absolute Post : Not Another Absolute Poker Story

In celebrating with the Absolute Poker scandal, this post will be about everyting absolutely. The links below are sorted using the random of random card link generator :)

  • Absolut Vodka - One of the first alcohols i started with. It can be mixed with almost any combinations for punches. Some people doesn't like its taste because it only hits you after you swallowed.

  • Absolute Thai - A restaurant located in the new developed area at The Curve, Malaysia. Have not tried it personally. It is in the Ikano Power Centre shopping centre opposite Ace Hardware.

  • Absolute Giganten - A 1999 movie i might not come to know if all this scandal did not happened. Might on the look out for downloadables :)

  • Absolute Punk - Punk is really something not my style. But it is worth the mention for attention.

  • The Absolute - At least something good came out from the scandal. A site that is good to look or browse at for someone that reflects a lot. You can say it is gear more toward philosophical.