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Friday, 12 October 2007

Malaysia Casino Redux

There has been too much poker tournament going on. In fact it is hard for the eye to stay glued for long because there will always be something coming up. If you have been a frequent player on online social network sites, you will come to know about names such as Facebook, Myspace, Bebo and et cetera et cetera. A post about such case can be found at Freshblogger's blog.

The poker industry is booming rapidly as well and in Asia too with the help of PokerStar's APPT. From what PokerMalaysia forum community members able to find out is that, there will be another tournament called Asian Poker Open 2007. Seriously, i am not able to catch my breath!

Previously i have mentioned about casino in Malaysia. The well known casino name in Malaysia is "Casino de Genting" or broadly Genting Highlands Malaysia. Have a look at the Malaysia map and you will know why.

i) Map of Malaysia's KL city
ii) Satelite image of KL city and Genting Malaysia (circle in red)

You should be putting those 2 images together in your mind and will be able to get a picture of where Malaysia's casino is. A lot of Malaysians have been eagerly awaiting the freeroll tournament that will be on December 2007. This tournament will be on (should be, the date not confirmed) with the help of Matt Savage (check his blog dated July21, 2007). This game will change how we play in the casino in Malaysia. A latest updates can be found in PokerNews blog.

However to qualify for the event, you need to be a Genting WorldCard member. I have signed up accordingly a few days ago online. Although with some complications, i have asked for their customer support via email. Their customer support do help me accordingly with a 24-48hrs wait. I was told i will be getting my card via mail and am keeping my fingers crossed.

It sounds easy to be a Genting WorldCard member. But Matt Savage does hint that the tournament is for VIP members. I have come to know that there are levels in a WorldCard. If you check out the Genting website and click its 'Benefits and Privileges', you will find point (20). The benefit no.20 is only available for Gold member. I am not clear who is able to enter the tournament. What level do you need to be to play? And how to become a Gold member?

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