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Friday, 5 October 2007

A Malaysia Poker Dream

When you think of poker what would come to mind? Casino, cigarette smokes, fat people. I am developing a flabby belly now due to sitting for too long. In Malaysia, there is only one casino but it doesn't have poker game. The casino sits on a hill and provides a theme park but no poker game. It is a sad case. I do not know when this can change. I do not know when poker players here can play a game in a valid casino or card room like in the Philippines.

Somehow met a blogger from Brisbane that took up my idea to put a post on casino in Brisbane in his blog. From what i was told there are lots of no money prize tournaments around the city run mainly by bars. Interesting, perhaps i should move there and start blogging from there.

On another note, i came to this clip that was circling around the net of a professor giving his last lecture. A 47-year old dying professor (Randy Pausch) giving a talk in his university on his childhood dreams. It is slightly less than 2 hours. I enjoyed watching it. What do you think about it?

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