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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

To Be Affiliate Or Not

While you are grinding poker online, you can also make it off from promoting several online poker rooms. You can do so by becoming an affiliate to these online poker rooms and refer people there.

The successful ones
Not mentioning just about poker alone, there are a lot of internet marketers around promoting different products. Promoting online poker room is just one of the product you can do. But it is all the same. I have been snooping around 'making money online' niche and tapping some tips and tricks. I also found some very successful local internet marketers in Malaysia;

If you did a google search for Malaysia Poker recently, you will come to malaysiapoker.com. It is always interesting to find new stuff about malaysia poker. However there is no info there about the person behind it except links to online poker rooms. If you check Whois.com, the site was registered to someone from the US? Someone would like to tap the market in Malaysia?

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