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Sunday, 18 November 2007

Bankroll Management : A Failed Experiment

Was trying out this experiment that i had in mind to see how it goes. Well, it is just one of the many places that i have been playing. So i was saying to myself, let's put it all into an experiment. Afterall, it was not the site where i was trying to concentrate on. Just for a little variety, you know.

The experiment took about a week long but in actual only a few days when i played it during my off-days. The idea was to take the small sum i have from their tournament and play in the lowest possible limit games. And once in a while i played it at the turbo sngs.

It went alright. What i couldn't make it in the sngs, i would recover back from the limit games. All in all, it would just get back even. The day came when there's really opportunity to play more and longer.

You see the occasional ups and downs. The longer the games, the longer i really want to get it over with. The thing is, after playing a few hours i was already playing in default mode. My mind was not there anymore and i continue to click, click, click. Eventually it became zero, null, nein!

Wonderful! It is time to get back to work again, playing poker. But before that, let's do some workout to ease the mind.