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Friday, 2 November 2007

A Business Point Of View On Playing Poker: An Orthodox Methodology

came to me one day that you can see poker as a business entity or something similar to doing trading stocks/shares online. It all has its own share of risks and rewards. With bigger stakes, comes greater responsibilities to the investments you made. Most people will see this is where the excitements comes in.

Well i have been experimenting with ring games which is where the enlightenment comes. I consider that at this stage i am a micro level player. If you know me well, i played more tournaments than i can count those ring games.

Main Thoughts
Inevitably, you will lose money playing poker. Yes, if you play poker you will lose money. If you have looked at a graph plotting your progress, you will realise the common ups and downs. Even looking at other player's graph, you will see again the up and down spikes.

When starting to play poker, it's all good and all about chasing the money. To be one of those to reach that destination. To be in the selectable group where poker gods and goddess belongs. You see smiling faces beaming with a lot of money. That is what keeps you going. In reality there will be losses and keeping those losses minimum is what counts.

There is certainly no point that while you get the money you wanted and at the same time you can't stop the leak. I believe everyone who runs a company or business would rather pay more attention on that.

While looking to make a profit, keeping check of those costs and losses are what you should be looking at instead if you are just starting out on your poker journey. In the end of the day, it is those losses where you are going to be out of business.