Texas holdem is the game which stands above other online casino games in all over the world. There are many other variations of poker game like Omaha, Texas Holdem, Seven card studs and so on. So there are lots of varieties where the player can enjoy a lot.

Saturday, 29 December 2007

An Online Poker Informational Site

The topic this post is referring to is BeatTheFish.com. The name certainly sounds good. The site has been around for over 2 years and is devoted to online poker with their serving of original contents. It did many reviews of online poker rooms and provide several bonuses for players who signed up from them.

One of the offered bonuses you can get from a major poker room is by getting their PokerStars Marketing Code. The page itself provides simple explanation on the steps and also the benefits available. If that doesn't satisfy your interest you can visit their article on 3D Poker Online. It showed where US players can go to experience 3D gaming.

One of the poker rooms it mentioned that promotes 3D poker environment is PKR. Here you can obtain PKR Bonus Code and view beautiful screenshots that BeatTheFish is proud of.

But what i like most is not what i mentioned above. It is their strategy articles that i like. There are a lot. Each quipped with picture of a fish saying something like,

"I used to fall for this one... I guess that's why they call me 'Fishy'."

With all these original written strategy articles, it just goes on to show that BeatTheFish is an experienced poker player and knows poker.