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Monday, 17 December 2007

POKER GAME BASICS : How To Play 5 Card Draw

It is possibly one of the simplest variations of a poker game.

The Idea
The objective of the game is still to form the best 5 cards. However in this game, all 5 cards are given to you. You have only one round where you have the choice to exchange those cards dealt to you ranging from 0-5 cards. It is up to you. As in every other poker game, here there will be betting round before and after the draw.

The Betting Explained
Since all 5 cards were given to you, there will be no community cards. You play only the ones you are holding. A 5 card draw poker game conform to the following structure;

Name of rounds
1. pre-draw
2. draw
3. post-draw
4. showdown

The game follow in accordance from 1-4. There are two betting rounds and it happens at pre-draw and post-draw. There will be blinds.

The Blinds Explained
The blinds are there to induce play. The blinds are made up of Big Blind (BB) and Small Blind (SB). Who gets to be BB and SB will be determined on where the Dealer (D) is.

In this game, as in most poker games, BB will be left of SB and SB will be left of D. In all 5 card draw games, the first player to act when pre-draw round came is the player sitting directly left of the Big Blind. At the post-draw round, the first player to act is any player sitting directy left of the Dealer.

The game will start clockwise.