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Monday, 3 December 2007

Pokerstars APPT Freeroll

I have previously mentioned about Pokerstars APPT. APPT stands for Asia Pacific Poker Tour, simply a poker tournament tour all around Asia. The stopover started from Philippines to Korea to Macau and the last one in Australia. There's been various tournaments unleashed to get the frenzy going.

Taking a peek at the recent ended APPT freeroll rd2, there are 233 qualifiers from rd1 and only the winner takes all (that's right winner goes to Australia).

In rd2, a big chunk of the players came from the Philippines followed by Japan and China. Other countries in it; Malaysia (4), Singapore (11), Korea (17) as well as some from Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan..(you can only assume they entered correctly the details corresponding from where they came from).

When looking at the list of players and their cities one by one, you began exclaiming to yourself, "wah, not another filipino city again!". You will tend to learn more new filipino cities than cities from other countries. Their people numbered to about 40% of the total players though.

With that many people, you will believe that a filipino will take the prize right? Not the case! Someone from Hong Kong took it or at least it is if he/she didn't lied about it.

Qualified myself into it from rd1.

Sadly, didn't play in rd2. Was busy dreaming about the game than playing. You know what i mean. SLEEPING !!!