Texas holdem is the game which stands above other online casino games in all over the world. There are many other variations of poker game like Omaha, Texas Holdem, Seven card studs and so on. So there are lots of varieties where the player can enjoy a lot.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Pushing Another Milestone

After having said about the coming New Year in a post below, improving on my blog is part of the things i've been working on. Seeing that the New Year will be coming very soon, i will be putting up a series on the type of poker games labelled under "POKER GAME BASICS".

For easy browsing it will be available under 'categories' on the sidebar. Everyone is free to comment. I will edit it accordingly. This will be something to start the year with.

It won't be something that hard to do and not something that you probably don't know about if you are a hardcore player. If you share the same interests and passion for the game, feel free to check it out.

p.s: Artwork by baron crovax from life's little procrastinations at baroncrovax.blogspot.com