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Sunday, 9 December 2007

The Year That Was And A New Hope

The month of November has passed and the year-end of 2007 is approaching. With it comes, Christmas and New Year celebrations. Shopping centres already geared up with those occasions firstly with Christmas now and later on definitely with welcoming New Year 2008!

If you have been playing poker at most online poker rooms, you would've been receiving email newsletters on new bonuses.

Putting that aside, so what plan do you have for in year 2008? Better yet, how was year 2007? Great - Fantastic - Amazing? Entering into year 2007 was rough for me. Having lost a job and scurrying to find another while not forgetting the troublesome times in between, it sucks real bad. Got a job and started playing poker some 6 months ago or so. What do you know, playing poker is cool.

For that i am grateful to one person.

Pretty much the same for this blog, i played from ground zero. Started from one place and later to two sites, now i have spread the seed to multiple sites. But only two dominant accounts. You can only imagine it will grow to become trees which will bear fruits later.

I am still small. If you compare to the Australian player Dazza who multi-tabled more than 10 tables at NL50-NL100, i'm as puny as a peanut. There's still a long way to go now that i've outgrown playing freerolls. I'm looking set to make steady 3 digits.

If it's possible, i'm looking to get another LCD monitor. One thing i know for sure, coming 2008 there will be people wanting to lose weight just as in any other years before. So what say you? What are your New Year's resolutions?

p.s: Artwork by baron crovax of life's little procrastinations at baroncrovax.blogspot.com