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Monday, 21 January 2008

Poker Postings Listed On Blogged

Something you may need to know is that the color of the main post is gone. It has become white in color now and will need some adjusting for the eyes. The coding doesn't give any effect at all.

From getting whitewashed to being listed on a blog directory might not sound like a turn of events on the felt. But it seems to be a good thing. Getting listed in a blog directory means getting noticed by a few extra eyeballs. The best part is i did not request it myself.

Blogged.com is one of the blog directories that got my attention from a recent visitor. It came across as a neat and easy to navigate site. It is not just another boring links in their relevant categories but include screenshots and rankings to the site as well. This is one of the places you should consider submitting your blog into if you just started out.

In the meantime, my hit counts been increasing and so does subscribers. Statistics says, 43.64% are returning visitors. Thank you for coming back. I hope you had a great weekends and enjoyed following Aussie Millions 2008 if any of you.

(p.s image credit : Squared)