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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

BackgammonMasters Game Lobby

The only connection that probably relates a game of backgammon and poker could most best be represented by Danish profesional poker player, Gus Hansen. He is one of the most feared poker players due to his aggressive style and known to have brought in his experiences from backgammon to his poker games.

BackgammonMasters would want to offer similar opportunities for playing online backgammon to players. It had just revamped its game lobby design and added several casino games together with the ever popular blackjack game. It seeks to cater to online players that plays casino games and would have similar interest to playing backgammon.

The most closest relation to poker since their integration of casino systems is blackjack. A blackjack game may not match the intense game of poker, it does have its own basic rules that a player can learn to apply. It is a simple game. Perhaps a simple analogy would be to equate it with draw poker as you are basically drawing cards.

Although the number of players there would not equal most online poker rooms elsewhere, it does offer several attractive freerolls for backgammon games that beginners can try. And if all else fails, it is just a freeroll game.