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Saturday, 23 February 2008

BackgammonMasters Have Poker

Before, it was mentioned they have backgammon for online games. Now, BackgammonMasters does offer poker games in the form of Texas Holdem Poker. As you look into their game lobby, you can find poker as one of the other games that were offered. At the time of writing, there are no players spotted playing poker there. Players that you can find available are mostly in backgammon games.

The plan in the pipeline as heard was its multi player Texas Holdem Poker platform will be integrated into remote gaming terminals targeting remote gaming markets. This will be done for betting terminals in coffee shops, bars and other entertainment hotspots. How they intend to make this a realisation, i do not know.

I believe how it works is that, potential players will have the option of swiping their credit card for instant play. They will be able to create an account and access their poker account anywhere along those terminals. They will be able to perform several transactions, just like using computers to do it at home, only now they will be using the terminal touch screens.

It seems the site has big plans and intends to have something similar to most online poker sites these days, where there are casino games as well as poker games.