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Saturday, 8 March 2008

Getting Contented With Your Connection

At most effort you might get a decent enough internet connection for your poker games. What happens when you are not getting those at critical times of your game. Having a good internet connection is like a lifeline for any of your online poker games.

I was playing in a tournament where the disconnection happened and seeing in front of me holding pocket kings! I needed to bet this one badly or pushed all-in because am getting desperate with my chip stack. I was doing average before until when my pocket kings all-in move in a three way pot got cracked with pocket aces! Was so sure i am going to get rich now. It left me hovering around 1k plus chips.

You can go pissing yourself off seeing your top pair folded. Literally have to close the software and open up again. Playing a few standard games later and several hours into the game, i got my buy-in back with some interest. Nothing much you can do but you can say i was happy to get my money which is better than leaving it in the bank for a miserable small interest.