Texas holdem is the game which stands above other online casino games in all over the world. There are many other variations of poker game like Omaha, Texas Holdem, Seven card studs and so on. So there are lots of varieties where the player can enjoy a lot.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Making Money While Away From Poker Postings

I was away and did not catch some time to follow on with some posts here. Have been busy with other areas on a few other sites that i am having and also spending some time on the online felt. It is official now that i have finally reached three figures on one of the many poker rooms i played at.

It happened so fast, i'm not sure if i remember the sequence to how it happened. Bear in mind it started from zero figure.

All of a sudden, it just came that the reason the final table is so alluring and why everybody is always talking about the final table. You heard it in the tour and you hear it everywhere. But i thought it was over sensationalised. Final table is where the money is. Nobody would bother if you win yourself multiples of $10, $20, $30 or more. Not for me now at least. Final table is where you get the Big chunk.

If it is not hard enough fending off hundreds and thousands of players, you need to be the only one. The one to win it all. Unlike that, in ring games you have to be sneaky and literally put your hands in other players' pockets, grab their money, take it out and put it in your own pocket.