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Sunday, 13 April 2008

Coming Tournament : India Poker Tour 2008

Coming soon in the next few months is a poker tournament that may sound like a hybrid of the PokerStars version of APPT. When everyone's focus is on the WSOP, this particular tournament is making its own momentum. Expecting to start off in September 2008, the India Poker Tour (IPT) is set to get 4 champions from 4 main cities in India and in the end one grand champion.

The first city to start this tour is Mumbai followed by Bangalore, Delhi and Goa. If Jason Bourne still plans to retire in Goa after finding out his true identity, it might just provide an added incentive to be there.

Not exactly sure why it has to be India and not say China, Thailand or Taiwan poker tour. But having a big poker event in Asian countries has got to be a complicated matter. India, a country in its own accord, has excel in many feat such as cricket, chess and now poker. Too good to be true?

Main website: India Poker Tour