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Friday, 18 April 2008

Getting In The Nude With Poker

Apparently you can go very far with poker these days. You can try to be a poker evangelist, getting it out to people how bad good online poker is, or maybe building yourself a thriving poker business at the same time. Not far from that, there are support systems such as conventions and expos to help everyone.

Just not long ago, i stumbled about the Asian i-Gaming Congress & Expo held in Macau on 26-28 February. With it, a lot of exhibitionists were there displaying their company it seems. And rightly after, the affiliate convention in Amsterdam. Interesting story was spilled over by Billrini about a rooster in love with Full Tilt affiliate manager.

So that is how Full Tilt affiliate manager looks like eh.

And apparently, if you are a female poker player, blond and ready to bare all, why not grace us by being in a Playboy magazine. Can you fathom Daniel Negreanu ready to bare all for something like Playgirl magazine?

You got to be in it to see it, Jennifer “Jennicide” Leigh Playboy Pictures. Whatever it is, there is a little something for everyone in poker.