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Thursday, 24 April 2008

Seven Temptations To Make Your Way To WSOP 2008

  1. The buy-ins are cheaper now. Sitting next to a poker player in a poker tournament where it is the spotlight of the world can be done at the cost of a few dollars. No borrowing required to get that $10,000 anymore.

  2. What you will be making from this event is going to be life changing. Most people spend their life working for retirement. Those that gets to retire managed to be work-free. The unlucky ones have to continue punching in their time.

  3. The legendary poker player in the world still wearing it. Doyle's Stetson hat can still be seen floating on the poker scene and lately at his blog despite reaching the age of 74.

  4. Watching poker celebrities playing it live is more than just eye candy. It is a treat not that many people get to live with.

  5. Rubbing elbows with the best means hanging with the best.

  6. The cheapest deal around starts at $9 + $1. Don't believe those that says you can qualify with $1. Look how many rounds you need to play and how many players you need to beat. The main event satellite had already started at Doyles room. Check out their qualifier chart.

  7. It may not be the 7th sin if you reached the holy grail, you deserved it! Put your hat and get into the game. Your retirement plan might just be better than Calvin Ayre's.