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Monday, 19 May 2008

Can Pitbullpoker Be Profitable?

A year ago I have mentioned about Pitbullpoker as one of the online poker rooms out there. Looking back, they still have players playing at their room and I believe they have more exposure now today than before. So what's going on?

  1. I initially set up this blog with the idea of promoting Pitbullpoker. They offer the only way for people to play poker online using flash. No need to install any software. No need to use Java. It is easy to get anyone to play.

  2. I have about $60 in my account doing nothing. Not interested in making any withdrawals, the money is still there a year later.

  3. After a year, I visited the site and found they have more players playing their freerolls than before. They have open up their capped freerolls so more people can join. Back then, you have to really put your mouse next to the 'register' button to reserve your seat in their game.

  4. The reason I don't feel comfortable playing and talking about their room is that I found there are always more players playing their freerolls than actually playing their raked games. There are always so less people playing with buy-ins and cash games. But they are always giving out money from their freerolls.

  5. Can their room actually be profitable enough for them to pay their players if they actually win money? The thing I like about their room is that it is easy to get on to play their games and their customer support are always helpful in answering my queries. Are they clean?