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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Backdoor Deposits Working Two Ways

Finding the right room to play in is one part of the process. Finding rooms to deposit into without problems is another. Many rooms have for display their supported deposit methods. A method not often missed is credit card. Using credit card to perform a transaction is the most convenient way to do so. Not often however it will be available for everyone though.

  1. Using Visa/Mastercard credit cards that does not work is frustrating. One way got me trying cards after cards.

  2. What even then ewallets does not accept them? A reply back from them saying your card is no good due to the nature of use. wtf. It was good before. A good thing in disguise, it seems to happen that there are many cards that can be applied not from banks.

  3. Finding a deposit method that is reliable makes the difference because it is not used just for one way deposits. It is also another way for the cash to come back to the card. To find later your card was blocked and cash outs already on the way only to remained stuck! That could be worst thing next to dead money.