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Saturday, 7 June 2008

A Duplicate For Legal Poker Room

This is to tell about Duplicatepoker.com as a legal online poker room. The site has a different approach towards playing poker online. Although most of the time, poker is played on the felt against other players seated around you. This poker room itself offers an elimination style to poker. That's right, you get kick out from table if your rank is low.

  1. The poker room offers $3 real money to get you started. No strings attached.

  2. If you are looking to play instantly, you better read their rules. The style to the game is different from other poker rooms. You are playing against another player on another table holding the same card as you and the same set of cards that are being dealt to your table and other tables.

  3. You win simply by playing your card right as points will be given after each hand. Collect the most points and you are headed for a round robin match for the prize pool. This is for their tournament play that is.

  4. The tag line is, it is not luck but skill. The best player wins.

  5. The site is also a legal poker room. It is US friendly and they claimed to be trusted by US banks. Screw those banks that don't let you deposit, I personally hate them.

  6. Personally, this way of playing poker will take some time to get comfortable with. You can test their game from their freerolls. No harms done.