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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Euro08 Taking Over Poker Fever

This year's Euro football has been great to watch. Many games from the group stages have been superclass. Some teams failed to make it to final 8 while some showed great team spirit to turn the table. Unmistakably, Netherlands played incredibly against the odds. Possibly they might have sold their souls to the devil and time had ran out in the quarterfinals. Those goals against France were unbelievable especially by Arjen Robben at those angle.

  1. The draws are up for the semfinals. Germany against Turkey while Russia taking on Spain. Some predictions seemed to be true that Spain, Portugal and Netherlands will be at quarterfinals.

  2. Uefa.com website has served a lot of euro fans well. Taking scores of all games and make it live. Euro fans can also watch the games from the site. It costs 1.99 euros to watch one single game and inclusive of scenes you don't get to see on tv. Yea, the locker rooms. Best of all, videos can be accessed all month long, running it again and again. Good job!

  3. There might be complications while watching at home that windows media player is unable to acquire DRM license. So visit drmlicense.one.microsoft.com and install the right fix.

  4. Having a broadband with a minimum of 512 kbits/s is good enough, the higher the better actually. Once again, Uefa team offer great service for those unable to watch the games from home. ;)