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Sunday, 6 July 2008

Battling The Giant Planets

Alien invasion has come. Giant planets from the solar system have wagered war against each other and I find myself fighting for my planet, Mercury. Orbiting at lower level, I am hoping to hit 100th kills to receive my 5 stars medal of honour.

In human translation, climbed up to the 100th spot of Pokerstars Sit & Go Tournament Leaderboard and receive 5 dough value. Battling in this lower trenches is dangerous. There are many bugs, flying pikachu and predators lurking around that will call in the dark. Some might even follow you in swarms.

As you can see, the top and last spot from last week needs 582 and 423 scores. I managed to pull my strength and gathered a small score of 144 after 12 games. Still out of range of the 400++ scores needed. The games have been for the fun factor in it. Anyway, this place hit quads so easily that getting full house might not be a safe bet. Pocket aces preflop all-in gotten beaten by straights. Can swear I hear this guy laughing secretly inside. Hoping not meeting any Klingon on the way this week, if am playing.