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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Fetish Poker Fantasies

In his fantasies, he was playing foot tug-o-war. It was a lazy saturday morning. Too lazy for something mundane but not for some change in routines. Above all, it was a different day, everyday after fridays. It can't be missed else it will be felt.

A little turn easily find his ways to simple happenings in unexpected places. Wanted to touch it sometimes, the rooms. Needed to know if it's were real. Not just a temporary space. Hardly, it became an attraction too hard to resist. Embedded inside, the feelings grows.

At times, lost for words with only a poker face stay true.

Everytime he was weighing his chances and waiting for the right moment. It never came and escaped. He let go of it for the same reason if he loves someone so badly enough, he learns to let go. Counting the memories, he wondered if he had his chances. What were the odds?