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Friday, 22 August 2008

Ah, Fcukit

Did I forget to say my computer was infected with virus 2-3 weeks ago. Wanted to install the Kaspersky antivirus which rank no.2 in the world. Opened up a can of worms instead. With that, it took away all my player notes at Bodog and the rest. I'm playing blind.

Yea, so take me awaaaay. Just take me awaaaay.

Also lost all my installed fonts. Yea, why won't you take me away.

Lately, things have been very yin. Need to restore the balance and add more yang.

So, in the end, all I wanna say is ... Fcuk you. Fcuk You All. To whomever it may concern that is. I don't care about the dough I'm baking from here anymore. Fcukit.