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Monday, 27 August 2007


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So, as highligted in the header this post will be about tournaments, particularly Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT). The APPT is a PokerStars event and the recent APPT Manila, which just ended, is one of the events that is on everyone's mind. Being situated in Asia, having a big scale poker tournament like this is an opportunity waiting to be grabbed. Almost a part of the world has their eyes on it, at least in the Asia continent. And Malaysia is no different than any other countries.

I made a post about PokerStars before at WSOP 2007 and more. I gave up on it after finding it hard to play its freerolls. It takes forever with its blind structure and every player was given 20 or 30 seconds to act. It makes me fell asleep. Arguably, it was made that way because they have lots of players. Unfortunately, it is not worth it. It would be if you deposited money for them and play their cash games. Also their recent 'World Cup of Poker' does not include Malaysia. See their poker tournament page with the country list. Very disappointing. However, PokerStars caught my attention again with its APPT reaching around the corner.

One PokerMalaysia forum member led the example to play the APPT Manila event and got entry into the main event via satellite. Finished 26th, just two spots shy of in the money. The next stop will be the APPT Seoul. Its satellites are still on and this tempted me to play again at PokerStars. The picture of the beaming champion of APPT Manila can be found at PokerStars blog.