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Monday, 3 September 2007

Going online making money

I have been wanting to write a post on this and had hold'em for some time. If anyone chances upon an opportunity to make extra money, almost everyone would want to take part in it. The idea to be able to make money online is not something new. A lot of people started blogging with the hope of participating in internet marketing and rake in some cash. There are many people that you can see that are successful. It sounded so simple almost anyone can do it. Afterall, you just need to sign up, create a blog and put some ads.

To put a twist on this matter, i came across an interesting article from which it actually sparked off my intention on writing this post. Ray Dotson from Freshblogger had an article on You Are Not Going To Make Money Online which he had linked up to a video post from 45n5.

In my personal opinion, a lot of people are online these days and are easier to find something they can relate to. Something, which was not that convenient in the past and which we would just used to accept what we can see around us. Also, as easy as it sound like to make money online, it does take effort and need to put in that extra juice.

This is the same in poker as well. As interesting as the story goes about someone in his 20s making it big time in the poker scene, it is not just luck all the way baby! The poker legend Doyle Brunson puts it that, nothing beats experience in poker. And this is just me saying it from something which i got from watching the WPT on JoostTV. If you want to know about JoostTV, you can read my other post at World Poker Tour on JoostTV.

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