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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Filipino Poker Tour

Some nose sniffing around caught me great pleasure to know that there is something going on at the Asia Pacific region. In actuality i've been following on this ever since the last APPT. I can't deny the fact that Phlippines indeed have an affinity towards poker. It seems to be growing non-stop.

Building on the previous APPT, Phlippines now have Filipino Poker Tour which started yesterday on Jan 26. And they are partnering with PokerStars to make this a success. This tournament which will take 2 days will be at their very own card club, Metro Card Club. It even has its own website. Very cool.

Why am i featuring it here is because they are doing so well, i think it is something that needs to be look up to. I do not really know any of the players from there or am affiliated with them. It is the sentiments that something is happening at this region that is good to hear. Sooner or later the whole world will get to know about poker more better than they really are.

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