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Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Write Poker Play Poker

If you have been playing online poker for sometime you can be rest assured there will be some that writes about it. There are a lot of poker blogs out there. Some are new, some are old and some just stop writing anymore. But there are chances that what some of these players have written will be something you and i will have in common.

If you don't mind writing about your game, which is something i haven't been doing a lot lately, you can create a blog at pokerweblogs.com. To have a directory for poker blogs is a good idea because everything around the internet right now mostly fit for making money blog niches. After all, it is here where i discovered about Celina Lin the poker player.

If that is not cool enough, i found a network that pays you to write. Ya, it will be something like a job now. Be a poker blogger and get a job :). The network pays about $200 per month. That would be some easy money for an easy job. I will put the money into my poker bankroll. It doesn't hurt. One such site is this, which is under the Creative Weblogging network keepyourpokerface.com.

The network handles all the rest. Basically they just set up the site and plug into their network. All you have to do is just write poker. How cool is that?