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Friday, 23 May 2008

Occupational Safety And Health For Poker Players

Playing poker can be a chore and might pose a risk to a player's health just as any job could bring. Being either working in a plant, factory or any desk to desk activities in any working conditions of a job, OSHA might come into play. A small list of possible threats :

  1. Playing poker for a living may consume most of your waking time in front of a computer. This could mean countless hours in a fixed position and less mobile activities. In such a fixed position it is easy to get numb.

  2. Depending on the working environment, sometimes not having enough air circulation can cause some breathing difficulties. In a closed environment, there might not be enough fresh air intake. Spending most of the time indoor, the air will become stale and the only air inhaled is the air exhaled.

  3. Having the eye glued to a monitor might cause a strain to the eye. The eye is one of the most sensitive part of a body. It might not seem important but it is sometimes a matter that are often overlooked.

  4. The part of the body used most often in daily activities will include wrist, forearm and fingers. Most common activities are likely to be clicking, clicking and more clicking. The mouse is the connection to send the message across to the computer. With the wrist sometimes not being in its ergonomical way the most severe cases a person will get is a Carpal tunnel syndrome. Worst scenario would be an operation to fix it.

  5. That's it. Take care players!!