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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Poker Bot vs Anti Bot

Recently the new news surfaced about a network using an intelligent bot to scan for poker bots. This intelligent bot or BotGuard will be able to search and destroy locate poker bots playing poker across their networked of online poker rooms. Such purpose is to prevent cheating of the wrong kind.

  1. Should these poker bots really be a threat to ordinary human poker players? IMO this shouldn't really be a problem to players. The bots are merely software programs coded to play poker. If it is not a large scale commercial poker bot, it is not really that much of a scare.

  2. A normal poker bot will most likely be programmed by one or two enthusiastic programmers hoping to strike a goldmine. Any poker gameplays performed by this bot will reflect more on the programmer's poker playing skill. Afterall they are the ones that need to encode their poker skills into mathematical algorithm that can be discern by the bot.

  3. Unless the bot consumes the power of supercomputers and have investments from big corporations like the maniacal super chess playing computer, Deep Blue did, the bot will just be another player playing poker 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

  4. Advancements in mathematics for poker is just starting but it is getting there. There's already a developed poker playing computer being funded by big companies now testing and researching. But it is still not there yet.

  5. Who knows, playing poker may one day be reserved just for the mathematical inclined players or machine. The future is still far and wide. For now, humans are dominating the poker world. Enjoy while you still can. The rise of machines is inevitable. (*evil laugh)