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Monday, 28 July 2008

Battle Of The Planets : Lost Of The Homeland

The aliens from planet far far away have taken over our planet Mercury. Infiltration was already imminent. We sense a betrayal in the camp. Their advanced weaponry system, that is suicidal attempt ala Japanese style when used trumped over our technological fallacies. It has been said but it was the first time we ever witnessed it's maximum usage to the fullest effect. The overwhelming invasion left us running with bated breath. Those despicable aliens were trixies. They would do anything to claim their stand even the buy ins only cost 1.2 dough.

Truth be told, their calling station was an alarming siren to be heard. A price to pay for staking low. We will be back to reclaim our homeland. We do want to make them pay. Exactly what strategy will be deployed, will be left for the next debate. Our casualties were 5 dough, won over from last year's APPT. It was good game though and fun not really.