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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

A State Of Trance 2005 : Listening To Armin Van Buuren

No, it is not Paul Van Dyk with its version of The Other Side. It is ASOT 2005 light and subsequently followed by the dark version. A specifically chosen album because so much happened in 2005. I was not disappointed I bought the original cds now. Pretty much all of my dance collections were from the college years and from the interweb, it was fast in the college ;p. I needed a newer breath of trance. Listening to the old ones repeatedly even if they were good can be stale.

It is timely now as the debt-reign-days are over. So many things happened. So many paths intertwined. So many threads woven together. I would wished certain events never did collide. That I would have forget and let go. But I never did. I never really did give up. If I need to bang my head on the wall to get to the other side, I will do it. Because, ogres even if they were green, have layers too. I give you, Armin Van Buuren : A State Of Trance 2005.